Github Pages and Travis Ci

Posted by Daniel T. Morgan on Monday Jan 9 2017
In Hosting, Github, Ci
Tags hosting, hugo, templates, themes, development, travis

I decided that I wanted to move away from self hosted for this website, mostly for resilience (I am often tinkering with thisthat server), though I also wanted to play some with Travis CI to help contributing with more FOSS and playing with different technologies.

I followed the tutorial here paying special attention to the note at the bottom. In a very recent version of hugo there seems to be a problem with:

Failed to normalize URL string. Returning in =

This helped me with that, although it didnt quite work with my hugo/travis workflow, so I fixed it like this .travis.yml. Updated for golang 1.10

I also then decided to use cloudflare to get https although I haven’t quite mastered the autoredirect to https.

Background image a derivitive of this work by Beth Scupham Licence