Ultimate Go

Earlier this month I attended Ardan Labs Ultimate Go Training given by Bill Kennedy (https://www.goinggo.net/). Todd McLeod of the Udemy course https://www.udemy.com/learn-how-to-code/ had recommended it, and as I had been working my way through Bill’s book Go in Action I was very keen to take my Go to the next level.

The course was hosted at Hailo’s HQ in central London. Big shout out to them for hosting it, and for the excellent facilities! I took the whole family up to Cambridge to stay with friends, and then commuted into central London each day for the course.

Bill is a very passionate guy and I think he could get motivate excitement in computer programming and advanced concepts in anybody. I learnt a lot of things that I’d not put much thought into, and some anti patterns that I thought I’d been doing to improve things but had essentially been slowing things down. You can get a background idea about the course from it’s github, or it is worth listening to this weeks Go Time podcast where you can hear Bill talk about a few of the topics of the course.

I thoroughly reccomend anybody no matter what level you are at to give the training a go (pardon the pun) Bill seems to be everywhere all the time, so I’m sure you can fit it in somewhere! Oh and he signed my Go in Action book 😁!