Year of the runs

Consecutive insanity

Posted by Daniel T. Morgan on Thursday Nov 24 2016
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2017 will be the year of the runs 🏃💩 for me

What does that mean?

  1. To extend or persist, statically or dynamically, through space or time.
    1. (intransitive) To extend in time, to last, to continue (usually with a measure phrase).
      • The sale will run for ten days.  The contract runs through 2008.  The meeting ran late.  The book runs 655 pages.  The speech runs as follows: …‎

I am going to run at least 1 mile (though often more than that) every day for 2017. I am not going to have just a run of runs I am hoping to:

  1. Run at least a mile
  2. Cycle at least three miles
  3. Continue my Duolingo Welsh streak:
  4. Continue my Free Code Camp streak:
    Commit to github daily:

I will/have started some of these runs (streaks) before 2017 but the important pledge is that from the 1st of January = until the 31st of December I will have an unbroken run of these things.

This is going to be very difficult to juggle. I think the cycling part maybe the bit that falls hardest by the wayside. To combat this I have signed up for the Audax uk Mileater Award for the year

Mileater Diary

I am going to use this to record my mileage for both running and cycling.

Mileater Diary Inside

We have also sorted out a strava club for those who are doing just the running part of this challenge:

I am also hoping to get my favourite instagram picture of the weeks activitys printed and inserted into the diary. This is a new challenge for me, and it will be a challenge to complete next year. Here’s to challenging ourselves 🍺.

And now I’ve tweeted it in the public domain I’m tied to doing it.